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Southern Rails on the Isle of Wight Volume One


... this is a book with a difference. The author’s aim is to bridge the gap between those books that contain mainly photographs, and those that are a substantive history. ....

Happily the author has achieved this goal, and the first book  ....  is very different to anything that has gone before.

..... This is most certainly not a collection of pictures that have been loosely thrown together ... and which have been reproduced to high standard. The text is bright, lively and accessible.

If you only intend to buy one volume of books about the Island, while this isn’t the definitive work-it doesn’t aim to be-then this is an ideal choice, covering the middle ground in a bright, modern and intelligent

Way. For this it earns a rare Steam World  ‘Recommended’.   

‘Steam World’ Issue 272


‘We have seen many books on the Isle of Wight before, but this one is stunning in its presentation. .... the use of colouring old Ordnance Survey maps and station plans to highlight relevant features is greatly commended.

..... it will suffice for most general readers and those enthusiasts wanting an overview without plumbing the finer points.’                                                                               Review from ‘Heritage Railway Magazine’ No. 131


‘...the overall feel that this is an essential historical guide to the railways of the Island. As someone who has enjoyed its delights year after year, this book is destined to take pride of place on my bookshelf . And I wouldn’t

be at all surprised it it doesn’t appear on many others’ too ....

Recommended.  4.5/5’                                                                                  Review from ‘Steam Railway’ No. 370


Feedback about the book (These are genuine comments which can be verified).


‘Easily the best book I have seen on the Isle of Wight Railways’

‘delighted with my purchase and will be reserving a copy of Volume 2’

‘I felt I must write to congratulate you on an absolutely brilliant book and to let you know how much I have enjoyed it. The photographs are quite exceptional, especially the colour ones and the maps and diagrams very detailed and clear. Roll on Volume Two!’



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