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Reviews of  Southern Rails on the Isle of Wight

Volume Two


It is always good when a book comes into the Steam Railway  office which you simply cannot put down, and this new volume is one of them.  ....... A large portion of the book is devoted to this (Ryde-Ventnor) route .... The same format is then used to tell the story of the Bembridge Branch. This route has often been the poor relation to the rest of the IOW system as far as media coverage is concerned, and some of the photographs included are fascinating.....

It is a complete record of a unique railway network, and  is  well worth the £19.99 (sic) price tag. 5 stars.

Steam Railway Issue 383


When Volume One appeared, it was highly rated thanks, not only to its content, but also its presentation. Happily having set high standards, the self-publishing author has maintained them with this companion, covering the rest of the Island i.e. the Ventnor and Bembridge lines. Although the same price as Volume One it has 10% more pages and 40% more photographs. Also covered is the story of the preserved railway, the Ryde Pier tramway and more recent developments.

The text weaves its way through all this, and is sharply written .... It makes for a very complete package and , at a good price. Highly Recommended.

Steam World December 2010


The book is splendidly designed and presented ......where colour is available it has been used and there are some excellent station diagrams and route plans.

This is an excellent handbook for those who want to study the lines or dip into nostalgia time and time again. Its attractive style and presentation goes some way to setting new standards among book publishing.

Heritage Railway No. 145





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