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This booklet is being sold in aid of the Friends of the Sierra Leone National Railway Museum, and tells the story of how a collection of derelict railway equipment which survived a civil war is now being used to boost tourism and help restore a war-torn land.


It contains a brief history of the railways of Sierra Leone, both the Government railway and the DELCO mineral line complete with historic photographs both in colour and black and white. However, it then goes on to tell how a collection of the original Government railway which had been locked away during the civil war was rediscovered by Colonel Steve Davies. Col. Davies was then part of the UN peacekeeping force, but later became Director of the UK National Railway Museum, whose vision led to the 'Great Gathering' of the surviving A4 locomotives in 2013.


He persuaded the new government in Sierra Leone that the collection could form the basis of a Railway Museum, which would not only teach about the history of the railways but also act as a tourist attraction.


20 A5 pages (inc. covers)

Over 30 photos in colour and B&W.

£3 +p&p


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Sierra Leone-Railway Adventure

By Anthony Coulls

Senior Curator, National railway Museum